Suspension Service

Expert Suspension Service Mechanics!

The suspension of your car has many beneficial factors that causes it to be important for proper servicing. Not only does it ensure that you are driving smoothly, it also works on other important car factors. Servicing when there is a suspected or known issue on the suspension is crucial so that the quality and safety of the car and yourself are maintained high. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic we work efficiently to solve any issues of the suspension in any car as we offer exceptional automotive services such as car repairs and car service. As well as, we can perform basic services and maintenance to ensure that it is working correctly and safely. All our trusted team have professional experience and qualifications, which makes us the best suspension service place within all of the Northern Beaches.

The Importance Of Car Suspension

People often are unaware that the suspension system within their car has more influences on the safety and running of the car. Here is a list of what the suspension system is in charge of:

  • Reducing the effect shock forces has on the car
  • Supporting the heavy vehicle weight
  • Controlling the vehicle’s directions when driving
  • Maintaining the correct vehicle ride height when driving
  • Maintaining the correct wheel alignment at all times
  • Ensuring that the tyres make correct contact with the road

These main functions are to guarantee that the car drives both smoothly and safely at all times. Having the suspension system serviced, especially when damage or issues arises, is important so the car can drive properly and correctly.

Signs For A Suspension Service!

There are generally six factors which often suggest that the functionality of the suspension system is not working correctly. Moreover, these are the common issues which we see people wanting service, therefore if they happen to you we know exactly how to solve the suspension issue.

Rough rides

  • When driving and the car begins to bump or bounce means that the suspension system is not working well. As well as when the car bounces when stopping, we recommend that a service should be called for in the shortest time possible.

Stopping and dips occur

  • When braking firmly and the car lunges forward and downwards it means that the shocks are worn out. Service will help stop the concern as this issue means that braking is more dangerous and not as responsive/ sudden.

During turns drifting or pulling is common

  • Turning and drifting or turning abnormally occurs means that the suspension system is failing to work. As a result from the shocks not sustaining the body to be stable with the centrifugal force of a turn means that these dilemmas are common. As this can be really dangerous, especially on tighter turns, highly remoondending a service is advised.

“Oily” or damaged shocks 

  • Inspecting the suspension system under the car and seeing oil, grease or other fluids occurring means leaking is the issue. This means that the system is not working as well as it should and a service is what can quickly replace the damaged parts.

Tyre treads are uneven

  • If the thread of your tyres are wearing down on an uneven level, or if there are balding spots, this means the suspension is not working correctly. Therefore, the car is not being held evenly and there is an uneven amount of pressure being placed on the tyres. For safer travels, servicing will ensure that the pressure on the tyres is even on all sides.

“Bounce test”

  • When you inspect that the suspicion may be not functioning correctly a simple test will immediately show if it needs service. On a flat service, push down on the front and back side of the car and see how many times it will bounce. If it bounces more than 2-3 times, therefore this means that the suspension is not working properly and needs a service.

Certified Mechanics To Service All Car Suspensions

Located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, Peninsula Auto Clinic is the best service to utilise when the suspension system of your car is no longer working correctly. This is because we work efficiently to have your car back to you within the smallest amount of time. As well as, we always properly work and ensure that the vehicle is completely safe to drive after our service has been completed. If you suspect that your suspension needs servicing contact us on 9999 2553 or email us at We are the best in all of the Northern Beaches as we are honest, professional and our services are overall the greatest.