Brake Service

Professional Brake Service

Peninsula Auto Clinic offers to each Northern Beaches resident quality Brake Service on any type of car. A brake service is important to keep a record of as the brakes should be functioning perfectly all the time. Because they are so important for both driving and safety reasons, and defects in them can be seriously dangerous. As a result, we highly encourage looking into our brake service because we are qualified and expert in the task. Our brake service is honest and reliable, while we also work efficiently to allow your car to return usable as soon as possible. Servicing brakes should occur when the car makers recommend or within time intervals. These recommendations are usually after 8000 – 11,000km or every 4-6 months. If not, then at least once a year of every 19,000km is still appropriate for a brake service. As this may seem like a lot of servicing goes into brakes, we ensure that we work fast and correctly. Moreso, the brake car repair cost is set at an affordable price with us to ensure that the financial stress of your car is kept to a minimal.

Benefits of Brake Servicing

For good driving conditions, having regular car service and maintenance on the brake system is important for this to occur.

The Amount Of Money Spent On Repairs Decreases

If you have regular maintenance and service the chance of a major repair also decreases. These repairs are expensive, therefore, having service can limit the possibility of a lot of money and time having to be spent on the brakes.

Longer Life Span On The Braking System

A longer lifespan will occur if the brakes are kept healthy for longer periods of time. The more major repairs and maintenance service occurs will hinder the lifespan of the system. Thus, having regular maintenance will ensure that the system lasts longer and works well.


Service on the brakes is ensuring the safety of both you and your passengers. Braking systems is what stops the car and having it not working is extremely dangerous.

General processes involved in a brake service

The brake mechanic team here at Peninsula Auto Clinic will properly work to fix any issues the car’s brakes have. We will inspect each part of the brake system and test to identify any problems. Servicing brakes is really important to limit the chances of damaging and repairs that might happen in the future. Moreover, the service will guarantee that if a concern is identified, that this issue is treated sooner rather than later/ too late.

Brake Inspection

When inspecting the brakes, our brake specialist crew will check all systems and parts involved. We will also use the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that we know exactly how the brake system operates. Moreso, if our customers have suspected anything, for example hearing squeaks, grinds or other unknown noises, it helps us to quickly identify the source and tackle it correctly.

Disc Brake Service

We will remove the pads and calipers to then clean and lubricate both the guide pins and caliper brackets. This is to ensure that the possibility of the parts seizing or sticking to not happen. If rust is present, therefore, we will also clean the brake discs to prevent squeaking and rust damage.

Rear Drum Service

Simply cleaning and lubricating the parking brake parts, lubricating parts and other areas in the rear drum system. Adjustments and removing dust may also occur in the service.

Brake Pad Replacement

Replacing brakes will occur after the car has been driven per 25,000km. Also, if the brakes have been pulsating, when braking the car moves to one side or if the brakes go down further this can also indicate the need for service. This type of servicing ensures that the brakes will stop safely and properly.

Brake Fluid Replacement

The brake fluid is what helps the brakes function and is really important that it is replaced each 12-36 months. We will replace the current fluid with fresh and clean fluids to ensure that the system is running well.

Quality Brake Repair Service

Our knowledge has been greatly influenced by our 25+ years experience working on a lot of brake systems from numerous different cars, models and brands. We know exactly how to tackle each brake related problem while professionally using the manufacturer’s guidelines. Testing, inspecting, replacing and repairing are all within our trusted brake service. Moreover, our team is all fully certified to work on any type of braking system in any car so we will not be stopped by the type of car. Our brake service is extended to every Northern Beaches driver – call us on 9999 2553 or email us at for the best automotive services. Located in Mona vale, we are easy to find and finish each brake service in the shortest amount of time. We want you to have perfectly working brakes, as well as to drive the car within the quickest time possible.