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Peninsula Auto Clinic is the best Northern Beaches mechanic shop which provides great work to Subarus. Our team can operate on all models and years of Subarus performing a range of mechanical services. As Subaru specialists with years of experience, we are the most trusted within the Northern Beaches. 

Our highly recommended car service for Subarus is performed by our fully qualified and trusted mechanics. Each Northern Beaches mechanic will perform services and repairs with professional tools and techniques. It is extremely important to us that the work we complete is exceptional and no job is done poorly. Our Northern Beaches mechanic team do a great job of working with Subarus no matter the job.

Subaru Specialist Mechanic Peninsula Auto Clinic

Subarus Car Service

When it is time to have a Car Service on the Subaru we are perfect for performing the job. Our team knows all about the car type and can easily complete many jobs related to service. Each service will have our mechanics operate on the car safely and carefully. We finish all jobs correctly and ensure that car is inspected completely. 

Pink Slips

When the Subaru requires a pink slip our mechanics will perform all the needed tasks. The pink slip is legally required for cars older than five years to be deemed safe for driving or to be reregistered. We promise to complete the task in 30 minutes and ensure all the steps are involved.  

Log Book Servicing

Our team can perform log book services specific to a Subaru. These jobs are more specific, include more types of work and are performed professionally. A general guide on what is involved in the Subaru log book service includes:

  • Inspecting the air filter, brakes, lights, wiper blades, belts, exhaust, tyres, suspension system and gearbox
  • Fluids are topped up including the transmission, power steering, battery, differential and windshield washers
  • Replacing the engine’s oil and oil filter
  • A general cleanup of the Subaru

It is highly encouraged that Peninsula Auto Clinic performs car service as we will save you time and money. Our process is quick, with each job being performed effectively and expertly. Contact us now on 9999 2553 for more information on a Subaru car service.

Brake Service

At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we know Subaru’s brake system from inside and out. Every car inspection we do follows suggested procedures coming from the manufacturer. Our mechanics conduct the following tests during a brake service to ensure the performance of this car part:

  • Disc brake service – our mechanics remove the brake pads and callipers to clean and lubricate the guide pins and calliper brackets. Cleaning and lubricating these parts is a must to prevent a seizing or sticking disc brake. We also inspect for the presence of rust while cleaning the disc brake.
  • Rear drum service – cleaning and lubricating is also part of our car service for this component. Our Northern Beaches mechanics may also adjust some rear drum components.
  • Brake pad replacement – we recommend replacing the brake pad for every 25,000km driven. It is also best to have it replaced when the brake has been pulsating, which is when the vehicle goes into one side after stepping on the brake.
  • Brake fluid replacement – replacement for the brake fluid is best done every 12 to 36 months. Given its vital role in a dependable car brake, a routine replacement will ensure a good braking system. 

Automatic Transmission Service

The transmission system converts the engine’s power into something that every component of the vehicle can utilise. For cars with automatic transmission systems, a tip-top shape transmission system is a must. A vehicle without a properly working transmission system means that the car cannot move. The following are common signs of a malfunctioning automatic transmission system:

  • A burning smell when driving
  • Abnormal movements and sounds like shaking, whining and grinding
  • A fluid leak from the transmission system
  • Gears slip more frequently
  • Difficulty in shifting gears
  • The vehicle is not moving

When these signs start manifesting, it is best to bring the car to our shop for an automatic transmission service. Our Mona Vale mechanics check this car component by hooking it up to a computer system to detect errors, doing a fluid flush and exchange and a filter replacement.

Suspension Service

Our suspension service also conforms with the needs of a Subaru vehicle. Our mechanics have years of experience and training to assure car owners a comfortable ride. We can guarantee this experience by assessing each component of the suspension system. Aside from a comfortable drive, a properly functioning suspension also offers several benefits. It also supports the full weight of the vehicle, maintains correct wheel alignment at all times and ensures that the tyre remains in contact with the road while driving.

Car Battery Replacement

A car unable to start is a well-known indication that the vehicle may be due for a car battery replacement. However, it is not the only sign for this replacement. The following indicators also point to having the car battery replaced:

  • The engine produces a cranking sound but does not turn the vehicle one
  • Jump starting is a must to turn the car on
  • The battery is cracked, swollen or leaking

Car owners who brought their vehicles into our shops are guaranteed that only the best fit battery will be installed. Our team knows recommendations from Subaru on the most suitable car battery for any model and vehicle type from this trusted brand.

Subaru Car Repairs

If the Subaru has experienced any sort of issue our mechanics will perform the needed tasks to repair them. Our Car Repair service ensures that all Subarus will be resolved of any complication. We understand how Subarus are built and can easily diagnose what is causing the dilemma. Our mechanics will work hard to make sure that all parts and systems are repaired correctly. 

Trusted Subaru Specialists for the Northern Beaches 

Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we are guaranteed the best Northern Beaches mechanic to perform work on Subarus. Each job we perform is done safely, efficiently and utilises expert methods and machinery. For everyone in the Northern Beaches who has a Subaru and needs it serviced or repaired – contact Peninsula Auto Clinic at Our Northern Beaches mechanic shop is located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale and open to everyone!

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