Exhaust Repair

Professional Northern Beaches Exhaust Mechanics

The exhaust is one of the most hard working systems within your car and proper car service and repairs are extremely important. As they are the main system that removes all the dangerous fumes from the car, they need to be properly maintained for health and safety reasons. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic we can successfully and properly repair any damage done to the exhaust system of any car. Issues regarding the exhaust can lead to some serious health risks of both the car, but more importantly for the people in it. Therefore, we always make certain that the exhaust will be working correctly after we repair them and the issues are resolved efficiently. If you detect any warning signs with your exhaust you should contact a mechanic for it to be repaired before damage occurs.

Signs For Exhaust Repairs

There are three key warning signs and symptoms that may occur when the exhaust is not performing correctly. They can be quite noticeable, and so quickly booking in service is the safest option for both you and the car.


When driving and feeling vibrations in either the foot pedal or steering wheel is often linked to an exhaust leak. Also, the whole car may shake if the leak is at an extreme level. When feeling the vibrations, it is an immediate warning sign to receive exhaust help as soon as possible. Because, the leaking exhaust may result in steering being altered to the point where it is not possible. Therefore, controlling the vehicle can be extremely tough and ultimately dangerous for the car and more so yourself.

Increased Engine Noises

Hearing the engine make louder and uncommon sounds that usual can indicate that the exhaust needs repairing. This is because the exhaust has a function to keep the engine sound at as low as possible. Therefore, the higher volume of the engine conveys that repair is needed on the exhaust. The exhaust manifold having a leak will really increase the volume of the engine while also allowing hazardous fumes to enter the passenger cabin. This means poisoning can occur, thus, repairs should happen within the quickest amount of possible time.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Even though there can be multiple factors which can result in the fuel efficiency decreasing, the exhaust being damaged can be a common problem. The presence of an exhaust leak can impact how many fumes are being carried away and can leave the engine to operate on hooter temperatures. As a result from this increase in temperatures the fuel efficiency decreases as the engine has to work harder. When realising that you are spending more time at the petrol station this can be from the exhaust system being out of line. Service and repairs are needed to solve the issue with your exhaust system.

White, Black or Blue Smoke

When your exhaust produces white smoke it means that the engine coolant is low. This can happen when a cracked or warped cylinder head, a failed head gasket or a cracked engine block overheating. When the engine is using more fuel than it should, block smoke will appear. As a result from the fuel injectors, fuel-pressure, air filter or fuel line having a problem can cause this issue. When blue smoke appears from the exhaust, that means oil has leaked and burnt in the engine system. Ultimately, when you tell us the colour of the smoke we will immediately repair the system depending on the colour and efficiently.

Get Your Exhaust Repaired Today!

As mentioned previously there can be specific signs and symbols that can indicate that the exhaust system is not working. Here is a more simple list that can also guide you and explain common problems that may need repair services to happen:

  • Coloured smoke, either white, blue or black
  • More fuel being used up than usual
  • Roaring, hissing or unusual sounds being created
  • Vibrations are within the wheel, foot petal or even the whole car
  • Cracked, broken or leaking exhaust
  • Rattling or popping exhaust when driving

If you have detected that your car has been experiencing any of these issues, then having repairs done on your exhaust is the next best step. Our mechanics at Peninsula Auto Clinic are the best for automotive services when you need trusted repairs of your exhaust system. Located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, Our mechanics work efficiently so exhausts can be quickly and professionally fixed. Please call us on 9999 2553 or email peninsulaautoclinic@hotmail.com to have your exhaust repaired in no-time!